As a rule, the settings of the program ICQ assume the auto-save history of messages. They are treated as text messages in the dialog box of the program, and transfer all kinds of files – photographs, folders, and documents, music and videos. Modern version of ICQ allow you to send SMS messages, which is also recorded in the message history.
The history of correspondence ICQ users are stored on Internet services, as many novice users as the device which provided the connection with the world wide web. That is, the message history is saved in the ICQ folder on your computer or phone. If it takes a lot of space or you just want to remove a personal conversation, open the main window – contact list. Click on the name of any user from your friend list and open the dialog box. At the top of the window that opens click on the "Menu" and set "Show history".
You opened the history of your correspondence that you were using the programme ICQ. To the right in the dialog box are determined by everyone who is recorded in your contact list. Click on the name of whose conversation you want to delete. In an open menu, you will see the part of the stored conversation.
If you want to delete only some messages or uploaded files, locate them using the search program. Click the down arrow in the "Sent and received", and select inbound or outbound messages you want to delete. In the adjacent row define the type of the queried messages, texts, calls, messages, added, files, invitations games. Select the appropriate options and click OK. The system will find the requested information and submit it for removal.
You can find the correspondence by date, clicking the calendar icon in the dialog box. Select the date and click on it with the left mouse button.
Select the files you want to delete and click "Trash", which is in the dialog box, ICQ. Click "OK" to confirm your actions. Information will be deleted permanently.