You will need
  • computer;
  • program Easy Recovery;
  • program icq2html.
To restore your message history in ICQ, deleted for various reasons, almost always using special software. Remember that message history is stored in text files. Name UIN in this file is the name of the person with whom you spoke.
Try to restore information on disk. For this you need the program Easy Recovery (is available can be downloaded from the Internet). Unzip it and install it on your computer. Scan the drive on which you have installed ICQ and other programs (usually C: drive).
Restore the files to the address type C:/Program Files/QIP/Users/* your account */History. Select the text you want or select all.
There are other, alternative ways of restoring the history of personal messages in the ICQ program. Often the history is deleted and is lost when you change login. If you typically include the program under different names or from different computers, it automatically sinhroniziruete the entire history of messages. Information is stored on the hard disk, in the directory in which you installed the program.
Go to local disk C and find the folder ICQ. Open the folder History. It is always present in this directory. It saved all your correspondence with contacts from the list.
Search the Internet program icq2html. Download it and install on your computer. Restore the deleted messages. When restoring the history in this case, it does not matter how the messages have been deleted. Perhaps the incoming message was lost the moment the computer is turned off or when switching from one user to another (if the computer is used by multiple people), or maybe it was removed intentionally.