You will need
  • - Easy TXT reader, Stanza или Short Book
To begin, select and install the most suitable app from the app store via the relevant menu item.
Easy TXT Reader comes to the app store for iPhone free and supports reading txt, xml, fb2 and html in multiple encodings. The program has automatic word wrap that automatically determines line breaks and quickly opens files after indexing when you first open. Handles simple HTML tags, and hiding the descriptors that are not recognized. In addition to standard functions books can be downloaded over Wi-Fi, it also supports zip archives.
One of the best free e-reader program is Stanza, which has the largest set of settings, but has high performance and supports EPUB, FB2 and PDF. It is possible to download books via Wi-Fi, you can choose your own theme, but for someone system turn in the application may seem awkward.
Short Book - one of the best newsreaders on the iPhone. Distributed charge in the AppStore that costs 4,99$. Supports ebook format FB2, has its own pad and set of dictionaries. Of the minuses can be noted that there is no search text. The program works very fast, loading books organized perfectly.
After installing any application you can connect your iPhone to the computer and move the iTunes need for download book. Then run the chosen program and open the downloaded file.