You will need
  • - passport;
  • - military ID;
  • - old passport;
  • - money for the payment of fees.
Prepare the package of documents required for registration of the passport. An adult citizen when applying, you must have a regular passport, old passport (if available), military ID (for men 18-27 years old) and a completed application. Photos do not need to file, they will be done in place in the Department of the Federal migration service.
If you intend to go abroad for permanent residence, please state this in the questionnaire.
Pay the fee for the issue of the passport. Adult citizen in 2011, she is 2500 rubles, for a child - 1200 rubles. Pay this amount in any Bank. If you choose a Bank, you can, not standing in line at the cash register, Deposit money through a special payment terminal located in many Bank branches. If you want to pay this amount through another Bank, pre-specify payment details on the website or in the office of the Federal migration service.
Download the form for passport on the website of the Federal migration service. Fill it in duplicate. If you work or study, take it for certification at the place of work or study. There on the form must stamped and signed by the responsible employee.
Look at the website of the FMS address and time schedule of the nearest office of the Federal migration service. Apply at the queue or on the record, as you prefer. To book an appointment at the telephone number listed on the website.
After a month get a passport at the Department of the Federal migration service. However, if you have old passport and its validity has not expired it will be removed.