The main rule is to free the eggs from the ovary, membranous bag, where she kept the fish. In industrial conditions, the fish factory, the eggs separated by rubbing it through a special coarse sieve. The house can be done easier. Roll bag made of several layers of gauze, put the eggs on the wrap and rinse with water. Rotate at this time the eggs around the bag. Thus, an unnecessary film will remain in the cheesecloth and the eggs will be crumbly, ready for salting. You can separate the eggs from the film, just put the ROE on a cutting Board and blunt knife to scrape the eggs. Some to get rid of the films, vigorously whisk the eggs a while a fork in the high container. You can hold the bag with the eggs in hot water and gently operativity it between his palms curled film will remain on the gauze. Sometimes salted eggs directly from the ovary, it is called astakhovy Ambassador.
After the ROE is prepared, prepare the brine. The so-called brine of a certain saturation for salting of caviar or fish. 1 kg calf will require 4 liters of solution. Pour into a saucepan 4 quarts of water and dissolve it in 1 kg of salt. Put on fire and boil about 6-8 minutes. All the salt has dissolved, the residue will be on the bottom. Cool the brine to room temperature and carefully pour it to the eggs, do not pour the sediment. Hold it in this solution for 7-10 minutes. If you plan to store it longer than two days - will survive a little longer, 20-25 minutes. Try the caviar, if it seems salted insufficiently, leave it in the solution for another couple of minutes. Then drain the contents of the pot into a fine colander or cheesecloth and allow to drip off brine.
You can add to ready eggs teaspoon of vegetable oil to the eggs do not stick together. Then put it in a jar and refrigerate for a few hours. The eggs are ready.