If you are involved in a serious competition of a scientific orientation, creative approach to the compilation of his "business cards" are unlikely to be appropriate. So at this event, limit yourself to a simple idea – tell me your name, tell about their profession and specialization, related to the theme of the contest. State your achievements in this field – participation in various projects, scientific publications, conference presentations. Specify the points of the biography are really significant. Find out in advance the organizers of the competition, how much time is devoted to the representation of the party and make sure your speech fits within the specified limits. During his speech, talking friendly, but in moderation with restraint, without arrogance, but with dignity.
On the competition not so serious, creative, allowing for humorous speech, you can use the technique of comic exaggeration. Hyperbolizable the story's strengths. To make it clear that this comic form, it is possible to combine an exaggeration with one small detail of your activities. For example, the competition of needlework you can say: "Lidia Ivanova. Know buttons. The touch will determine the sample 1978 release". Combine a listing of your strengths with the traditional speed, meaning the skill (honored, master, expert, etc.).
Use forms and patterns characteristic of cinema and literature to humor to present itself. In this case, a particularly impressive look video presentation or slide show. For example, you can create a "business card" - style detective: on-screen show photos or movies that are mysterious to beat the individual parts of your activities, and only at the end of all the prompts get one piece portrait.
To attract to the creation of self-presentation specialists. This is especially important when working with video, sounds, photos. Errors can negate the effect of even the most witty performance. Also make sure that you have the skills of oratory, if in the contest you have to give a speech introducing yourself. Any text, even the shortest and simplest, write in advance and train yourself to pronounce it in front of the mirror and in public.