You will need
  • - ring and flat keys 17;
  • - pliers;
  • - hammer;
  • massive screwdriver or a chisel;
  • - end head 27;
  • - spacers for pressing
Read the schema from the directory before you start to repair not to miss anything. Remove the front wheel. Put it under the lower control arm. Pliers remove cotter pin finger pads, then remove the finger. Balloon key, press the brake pistons, so they went into the caliper. Remove the brake pads.
Remove the upper and lower bolts of the caliper. Remove the caliper and bring it to the side. Check that the brake hose has not been stretched. Put it on rods. Take
Take a screwdriver or chisel and effortlessly remove the cap of the hub. End head 27 to remove the nut. Don't forget that the left wheel is right hand thread and right - left. Unscrew in the direction in the direction of motion of the machine.
Remove the hub. Put it on a workbench or other flat surface. Take a crowbar and knock the oil seal, you can remove the handle from a hammer the inner bearing, which will squeeze it. Then with a chisel or screwdriver to knock out the bearing races. Wash the hub and the axle inside gasoline.
Open the package with a new bearingmi. Hammer the bearing races into the hub. Do this carefully, slightly tapping with a hammer around the circle clips. Take the spacer plate of the desired diameter and put the cage in place.
Lubricate the inner bearing with petroleum jelly and put it in its place. Install the oil seal. Use the same spacer that was used when installing the cage. The inside of the hub, apply grease "Litol" and put it on the axle, which is also pre-greased "with petroleum jelly". Grease the same grease the outer bearing and set it in place. Reinstall washer and nut. Latest spin all the way to the hub is entered in its place. Put the caliper in the reverse order and assemble it. Put the wheel and tighten it.
Scroll round and round, loosening the hub nut, adjust until the wheel is a small gap. Tighten the nut until until it disappears. Caulk the nut using a chisel and put the hub cap into place. Perform again the adjustment of the wheel bearings using 500-1000 km.