You will need
  • - electronic purse Yandex.Money
  • - electronic purse WebMoney
  • - passport
  • - the certificate on INN assignment
The transfer of funds from Yandex.Money in WebMoney is possible only after the binding of the purse WebMoney to Yandex.Money. That the pairing process was available to you, first confirm your passport details in any of these ways:
- apply with either a passport, in one of the offices of Yandex.Money
- send the application form with a notarized signature by courier or postal transfer,
- make payment via money transfer system CONTACT
- make payment via money transfer system ANELIK
- bind to the map of the Bank "OPENING" or RosEvroBank.
Then get formal passport in the system WebMoney, sending passport details and copies of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and the certificate on INN assignment. After checking the information entered by the moderator your account in WebMoney will be awarded a formal certificate with a verified passport data and INN.
If your passport data in Yandex.Money and WebMoney are the same, then you can carry out the procedure bindings of a purse of WebMoney to Yandex.Money. To start the binding on the site WebMoney , select the section "operations with the accounts/cards" and click on the icon Yandex.Money." Then in the window that appears, enter your account number in this system. When the binding request is sent, you will see a verification number which you need to write or copy to save in a text document.
To perform the necessary actions on the site WebMoney, after 5-10 minutes go to your page Yandex.Money and write that you recorded the check number in the appropriate field. If after doing this your account Yandex.Money displays the icon WebMoneyand the purse WebMoney - icon Yandex.Money, then the mapping of your accounts in these payment systems has been successfully completed.
After implementing snap, you can transfer funds from Yandex.Money in WebMoney. To do this, log in to your page Yandex.Money, click the icon WebMoney, which is located under the account number. In the appeared form enter the amount of payment, and then enter the payment password to confirm the transfer.