To Russify the photoshop brand is easy, but only need? Against the Russification of photoshop, there are two powerful arguments. The first argument – Adobe, for reasons known only to her, still not released any official Russian release. All localization, which can be found in the network is informal, though legal. Small problem, it would seem, but that's just a file of Russification, downloaded from the same site, may be so different from others like him, created by a different translator that you are not always able to correctly understand what exactly the programme team meant by this or that translation. It often happens that the translation of your version of photoshop does not coincide with the version the person released a lesson on the program and you crash in the middle of the lesson not knowing what to do next. Furthermore, most add-ons and plug-ins for photoshop do not have a Russian translation, and you will sooner or later have to deal with English.
That is why 90% of all sold and posted online tutorials and lessons based on the English photoshop. If your photoshop will be only Russian language, then you will either have to return the interface, or to work on every lesson, with vocabulary that will require additional time and effort. The absence or, shall we say, a very small number of tutorials aimed at Photoshop Russified, and are the second powerful argument against Russification.
But if you still need the Russian language version of the program, the output is. It just can't be. First, you can buy Russian version, which when installed will bring you the option of choosing the language you want. Secondly, you can download the crack from any site, better to use the sites tested, those whose hosts will not offer you under the guise of a crack with a Trojan horse or some other nasty. One of the reliable sites is considered that crack they can be downloaded here File Russification after the installation will be located at something like this C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Required. After install the crack you will need to pass in photoshop menu Edit – Prferencec – Interface and select tab "Change language" Russian Pak. The network can advise you simply delete the English language pack from the folder Required, and the language interface will change by itself. This is bad advice, and follow it not worth it. This file is useful to you sooner or later, because, as mentioned above, almost all of the lessons in the network based on the English version of the program. And it is always easier to shift the existing language in the program settings, than again to seek the right Pak online.