Usually motorists who buy towing cables, prefer cables with snap hooks and metal hooks. This makes it easier to use, and, for example, in the cold or rain no need to tie knots.
When towing rope mesh obliquely, from the left towing eye towing the vehicle to the right eye towed. This helps to weaken the power of pull and allows the second driver a better view of the road for towing. However, some motorists rightly consider that the place of attachment of the carabiner with a rope reduces its reliability.
In order to attach the tow rope to the car, using multiple tested nodes, for example, a tow knot and bowline (or bowline).
Towing ring
Throw on the end of the rope to the towing hook of the machine from left to right loop, to free the right end of the rope stretched out from under the stretched rope to the left side.Make to free the left end of simple loop and overlap slide it over the hook, pull the loose end on the right side under strained rope. Now make a simple loop from the free end of the rope to the right and again nolastname it on the hook. Clip the loose end of a normal node.
Bowline or bowline
Take one end of the rope in your hand, bend it, loop by loop. Bend this loop the rope through it and pull out another (as in crochet). This loop is movable. Now insert in this loop the remaining end of the cable, route to the formation of the desired size of loop and slide it onto the tow hook. This node is sturdy and well undone after towing.