You will need
  • - iPhone;
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - tweezers.
For starters, be sure to remove from the machine the tray which houses the SIM card. After the manipulations with an iPhone, in which the card is inserted, you can bend internal parts and even stay the cracks. Besides, there is a possibility of breakage of the apparatus.
Take a Phillips screwdriver and carefully Unscrew the two screws located at the entrance to the docking connector. To do this, choose the right screwdriver: it must be small in size.
On the iPhone screen securely fasten the suction Cup and pull it on myself as long as the screen is not disconnected. But note that this should be done very gradually and carefully, otherwise you may break loops and, accordingly, deteriorate the unit itself.
After the screen will be completely disconnected from the iPhone, you will see circles of orange color, which numbers are written. According to this numbering, you will have to disassemble the iPhone.
Take a small tweezers, with which to raise the loops that hold the screen as well as touchscreen.
Next, you need to Unscrew using the same screwdriver eight screws holding the plate of metal. Make sure all the small screws lying in one secure place, because they are very easily lost.
Then you need to remove plumes that are marked four and five. The numeral six marked trail. It needs a little lift. Next, without touching the chip, lift and remove the plate.
Acting as carefully as possible, disconnect from the lid glued the battery. To remove vibropressovoe, use tweezers. After that you have to remove the other screws and parts.
In last turn loosen the six screws that hold the display. Now the lid is completely freed and can be easily changed. However, note that in order to avoid breakdowns and other troubles, it is best to give the iPhone to replace the cap in the hands of professionals.