When selecting a location install metal should examine the building regulations the installation of billboards. In them you will find quite a lot of useful information, in particular: places where the installation of billboards is prohibited, the required number of metres of a selection of road signs, most of the roadway, etc.
After the place of its future installation is determined, draw a diagram on a topographic map showing the exact location. It can be found online on websites such as Google or Yandex maps.
In the Department of accounting and distribution of land apply to the head, the sample you will find on the information Board or by the Secretary. This paper must be written in two copies – one will remain with you, the second is served and recorded by the state.
Within 30 days there is verification of documents. If all paper is made in compliance with the requirements, is assigned a public auction. The announcement of the date of the meeting is printed in the messengers of the municipality. According to the law, it can take all comers.
If you are the winner of the auction, experts of service will require additional documents, namely the Charter of the securities of the company which will be registered, and the receipt of payment of tax on construction installation site.
For all the design space for ad design takes about two months. Once you have received permission for installation, can install. The place you chose is valid for one year, after which the procedure should be repeated anew.