You will need
  • Mobile phone, money in the account.
For translation it is enough to dial *145*[next number of subscriber-recipient ten-digit format]*[transfer amount]#, amount indicate the currency of the tariff plan of the sender integer, it has to be rubles or dollars, but no cents and cents. Make sure that the phone number you want to transfer money, did not contain errors. For wrong number the mobile operator is not responsible.
Maximum amount of transfers per day is 1500 rubles, or $ 50. The amount of translation can be different - from 1 to $ 10 or from 30 to 300 rubles.
After this operation your phone should come message with a three-digit code (unique number) to confirm transfer of funds. To confirm the transfer you need to dial the command: *145* and the confirmation code by clicking at the end #. Recall that a translation service and recharge your phone accounts are free.
Soon the phone will display a message stating that your request has been accepted. After that you only need to wait for SMS about successful transfer of money. It indicates the recipient's phone number and money transfer amount.
A similar message comes and the number of the subscriber deposited into the account. The message indicates the number of a subscriber, depositing, and payment amount. If the currency of your tariff plan and subscriber-recipient do not match, when transferring funds are converted at a fixed internal rate of. For convenience, you can save the team money transfer address book cell phone and use it after again.
In addition, the subscriber of "Beeline" can make a ban on the transfer of money from the account. To do this, dial *110*171#. But if in the future you will want to transfer funds, you need to contact the specialist of the customer support Center, by dialing 0611 and call the operator with their passport details.