You will need
  • Set of construction tools, construction foam, insulation (mineral wool, polystyrene, etc.), vapor barrier, dry mix screed.
Insulation of the basement space

One of the most common causes of cold floor is the lack of integrity of the basement space.

Check the cap at the perimeter of the inside of the basement or cellar on the presence of cracks. Upon detection, seal them with foam. Do the same work for ceiling a basement.

At the onset of a cold time remember to close the vents in the basement.
Select the method of floor insulation

Decide on the method of floor insulation.

The choice of a particular method of insulation depends on the type of flooring and the magnitude of the distance from the concrete base to the maximum possible level of the floor (lower edge of entrance and interior doors).

If the floor is covered with batten and quality quite suits you, the most economical and fastest way will be the floor insulation with mineral wool.

If at the same time with insulation you are going to replace floor boards on something else, you can insulate the floor a type of foam. This material provides high level of thermal insulation.

If your floor is a cement screed is laid with linoleum or ceramic tiles and at the same time there is sufficient space for insulation installation and additional ties, a good option is the floor insulation with Styrofoam.

With a lack of space for thick insulation, you should choose the material thinner, for example, soft fiberboard or gypsum fiber Board drywall.
The floor insulation with mineral wool

Remove floor boards, marking them with chalk for chraneniya the old order in the subsequent installation.

Check the tightness of Foundation and vapor barrier (if any). Seal discovered at the base of the slit foam. If the quality of the existing vapor barrier is good, it can not be changed. If the tightness of the vapour barrier is broken, replace it with a new one.

Lay between the joists slabs of mineral wool, paying attention to tightly to the joists and the walls. Lay the floor Board, keeping the same order of stacking.
The floor insulation with Styrofoam

Remove existing flooring (wood, linoleum, laminate, parquet, etc.) to the concrete base. If the floor is covered with ceramic tiles, it does not need to touch.

Lay on a concrete Foundation vapor barrier. Place a layer of polystyrene foam. Cover it with plastic wrap. Lay on top of the film reinforced screed of cement or made with a special dry mix mortar.

Further work depend on the type of flooring.
Insulation of the floor of the drywall.

Remove the floor covering. Use if necessary a concrete base – fill with putty depression, solitaire projections. Lay vapor barrier with a bend on the wall.

Lay sheets of drywall gypsum fiber Board with a thickness of 12 mm. around the perimeter (between the wall and the ends of the leaves) lay the metal edge strip to compensate for temperature and humidity fluctuations in the size of the drywall. Over the surface of the drywall with mastic adhesive and place the second layer of drywall, paying attention to the joints of the upper leaves did not coincide with the joints of the lower leaves.

When the paste hardens, prosopalgia and programsuite the surface of the drywall.

Lay new flooring. It can be anything – laminate, parquet, linoleum, tile.