You will need
  • - chipboard
  • - p/e film
  • - wooden logs
  • - thick plywood
  • - modern insulation materials in rolls or plates
  • - izolon Samokisha on the basis of
  • - cork flooring
  • Polish
  • - thin-rolled polyethylene foam
  • linoleum with insulated layer or carpet
Insulation chipboards.
Plate of chips just turn down the noise and while walking. Use the floor quite thick plates of about 22 mm. On the concrete floor turned plastic sheeting. This will protect the plate from moisture contained in the concrete. Lay plate vrazbezhku, to avoid cross seams. When changes in floor - use a thin wooden strip. Leave the distance from the plates to the walls of 15 mm. This clearance fix wedges or planks. Insulated floor to lay your chosen floor covering.
Laying the falsefloor on the joists
The insulation of the floor in this way reduces the height of the ceiling of the apartment is 40 – 50 cm It can be used only with relatively high ceilings. On the floor lay the wooden joists. Align them by height. The joists must be at a distance of not more than 50 cm from each other. The gaps between logs fill modern insulation materials. On top lay a false floor from plywood or boards. Near walls, leave an expansion joint of 15 mm. On a raised floor will go to any floor covering.
Floor coverings, cork
Lay the plug on a concrete base. Of cork flooring is warm, resistant to moisture and female pins. Cork is environmentally friendly and possesses good insulating properties. Almost hides the height of the ceiling. Cork floors with a variety of inserts that you top is treated with a varnish similar to the floor. Cork for floor is adhesive and with a locking connection as laminate.
Insulation of the floor of the izolon.
Modern material izolon use as underlay under parquet or laminate. Roll izolon spread on a concrete floor, glue and secure with foil tape. Thanks to its foam structure, izolon has the elasticity and insulating properties.
Roll a thin underlay under linoleum or carpeting.
If you have a warm apartment, make a substrate of polyethylene foam under thick linoleum or carpet.