To use as TV mobile phone, there are no analog TV tuner, no radio DVB-H, use the service "Video portal". It provides operators "Beeline" and "MegaFon" in most regions of Russia. First make sure the phone is compatible with a special program, without which publication is impossible. Then correctly set the access point (APN), otherwise data transfer will be charged. Remember that outside the home region, it will be charged anyway, and abroad - to the same and at higher rates, and credit. Then connect the service, and, if desired, additional packages. Both are available for a small fee. Download the app and start watching TV.
If you are a subscriber of "Beeline" in the Moscow region and live within the ring road, you can change your telephone at special, equipped with radio channel DVB-H. Go to the operator's office and change the SIM card to the new that support decoding the digital video stream, then connect the service "Mobile TV". While the subscription fee for it is not, but such plan to introduce in the future (perhaps by the time you read this article, the service will have time to become paid). Traffic when using it is not consumed (it works not through the Internet), but it is necessary to travel outside the MKAD, as the reception will stop.
Conventional analog TV shows can be watched on some fake phones. To distinguish them from others by the presence of a huge antenna. But any fake devices often break down very quickly, so purchasing them is not recommended. So make sure to buy branded phone with built in analog tuner. Such models a bit. So, in the past the device with this function have been released by the company HTC, but now this is a rarity. Today, with this function produces several models of phones the company Fly. Their advantage is the built-in antenna, the disadvantages - the lack of functionality of a smartphone and a small screen.