There are a few tips for choosing fur products:
-Best for buying to go to a large store that works on the fur market is already not the first year. Here you can get professional advice for the care of the purchased item.
-Most famous for the fake furs are mink, Fox and beaver. Only by touch you can determine the real from the fake mink. You need to hold your hand on the product. Mink fur is quite hard, but not too long and not barbed, the bristles are very elastic, perfectly visible very smooth, dense undercoat, while her fake – colored rabbit and Groundhog guard hairs of different size, and the fur is too soft.
On the market, and the store can be deceiving with the country–manufacturer is Italian fur coats to sell to the Chinese or Greek, which are much lower cost. Clothing established firms there are always warning signs, for example, a brand label that is sewn into the side seam, or a firm figure on the inner side of the lining. If such signs do not exist on this product, it is best to abandon it.
Mink coats have extraordinary grace. For example, a fur coat and expensive black mink with blue or purple tint different from the cheap stuff repainted color skin, fur it is natural light. When buying a mink coat should be careful. Always need to hand "against the grain". If the fur quickly falls into place, not showered, neat seams, almost palpable, you can safely make a purchase.