Before that, get a dollar account with your Bank, and list a certain amount of money to an account in Moneybookers. Then send it to China or direct money transfer or send money to the credit card. The money will come to the recipient within a few hours. In very rare cases, payment is delayed for a day.
In the last time there was the ability to transfer money through CityBank. To do this, open an account in CityBank in the city. And ask your friends from China to open an account in the same Bank, with branches in practically every city. While you can withdraw money directly in yuan, then there is no need to pay extra interest for the exchange of dollars for yuan. Thus, it is possible to instantly translate using the services of the Bank. This method is very profitable because there is no need to pay the percentage amount for the money transfer.
If you need to transfer money to an account in China, you will contact one of the organizations and companies that are regularly examined by leading payment system in Europe and the world in search of the most appropriate and cheapest way to transfer money to China. Be very careful and carefully check the reputation of a company, whose services you intend to use it as otherwise you can fall into the criminal hands of fraudsters, and your money disappears without a trace. Thoroughly research the procedure of transfer of money for its legality and benefits for you personally. In the case of transfer of large sums of money to consult with an attorney who make sure that the tax office had to you unjustified claims.
The complexity of the remittances in China is that the government of this country restricts the activities of the European and American payment systems. Therefore, it often happens that such world famous payment systems as Western Union or Moneygram will not use. Carefully choose the method of transfer and then you will be able to maintain the integrity of transferred by you cash.