You will need
  • the new things;
  • frame photography.
Try to accompany the release of a new job other positive changes. Make a new haircut, update your wardrobe, buy some CDs with beautiful music, start doing in the morning, light exercises and you to brew flavorful coffee. Let your life will other habits, because the change of job was probably tied to your desire to achieve great goals.
At work, be friendly and positive, even if you don't like it. After a few months on the team you will look completely different with many of the colleagues around you will certainly be for you good friends and will be great companions. In addition, if the new duties seem complex to you, remember that this is only temporary. Focus on what you get invaluable experience, learning hitherto unknown information.
Try to personalize your office space without overwhelming it with their personal belongings. Place a framed picture, bring your Cup, put it in the drawer mini-bottle with your favorite perfume. For all my colleagues will buy a large set of different varieties of teas: this is the reason for a small joint tea parties and comparison of flavor characteristics.
At first try to look at the team, understand who is the leader who takes key decisions, who are particularly irritable, and who to contact. It is not necessary to "bend the line" and demonstrate character. Act confidently, but gently.
Try to quickly learn the unspoken rules in your new job. If the boss used to spend a final evening meeting, which delays you at work for 15 minutes, in most cases, it is better to accept it and not to run with complaints to the labour Inspectorate.