You will need
  • tape (paper), pencil, utility knife, brush and acrylic paint, blackout cloth
Prepare the stencil and attach it with tape on a thick cloth, which will make the patch. Acrylic paint for fabric paint your design using a stencil, let dry, cut out the Chevron of the desired shape and sew to the product.
To make the Chevron hot prepare back plates, using "the method of zincography", any brand paste PVC-EP, blackout fabric the desired size. The paste spread into small jars and add the dye. Hammer clichés paste of the desired color, remove the excess. Put the block on the iron for 20 seconds, remove, let cool, then remove the needle part of the picture that should be a different color, hammer the area with paste of another color, and so on complete the cliché the desired colors. Time to heat the paste for 20 seconds, during this period, it becomes a rubber state. The black paste and cover the entire surface of the pad thickness of 1 mm. Then cliche tightly to the cut piece of cloth, heat the iron.
Once a cliché has cooled carefully remove the piece of cloth. He needs to stick to the black pasta and the one with all the colors of a cliche. Thus, the fabric becomes a black paste, which is the backdrop to the whole picture. Cut the leftover fabrics and the Chevron is ready. Cold method different from the hot the fact that you need not use an iron as a catalyst.
To complete the figure 5-6 paste colors to first cover your entire picture through composition. To add color paste, remove the catalyst and the syringe add the desired paint, and so complete all the clichés needed colors. Chevrons made by the cold process, the quality is much better. Sew or glued with hot-melt adhesive Chevron to the product. To the foot of the sewing machine did not brake, grease Chevron oil.