Advice 1: How to enable user choice

The Windows operating system installed on a computer designed for use by multiple users simultaneously. For each person you can create your own account with individual settings. The user selection is made at startup of the operating system.
How to enable user choice
Open the "start menu" and tap "control Panel" (or use the icon "control Panel" on the desktop). With the help of special services to adjust the accounts (account) users. To do this in "control Panel" find the icon "user Accounts" and double-click it with the left mouse button. The window of this service displays all active user accounts on this operating system. With its help you can create, temporarily disabled, and also completely remove users. The only user that can neither disable nor delete – the Administrator of the computer.
To enable selection of a user when the computer is booted, create a new account. For this purpose, in the services window, click on the link "create an account". Then enter a name for the new account, which will be displayed in the welcome window, when you select a user and in the "start" menu. Click "Next". In the next step select the account type: computer administrator or limited account. The administrator account allows you to create and edit new accounts, gain access to all files and folders and make changes that affect other users. A limited account allows you to perform actions associated only with viewing your own files and change themes.
By choosing the type of account click "Create an account". Now when you turn on the computer, you will be offered the choice of the user. To select a particular account, just click on its icon with the left mouse button.

In addition to creating a new account, using the service "user Accounts, you can enable or disable the special user account "Guest". To do this, click on its icon and in the opened window click on the "Enable account". "Guest" will also be displayed on the welcome screen along with other users.

Advice 2 : How to enable the guest account

Accounting entry "Guest" allows you to restrict access to files and applications of the computer if it is used by a large number of people. User logged in as Guestcan view shared and personal documents, browse Internet pages, but will not be able to install programs and to see the personal files of other users.
How to enable the guest account
First of all, you need to determine, which includes a computer to a domain or a workgroup. Depending on the accessories of the machine, the connection settings of the account "Guest" is changing a little.
To determine where to enter your computer, right click on the icon "My computer". In the opened window, under "computer Name, domain name and workgroup settings you will see either the words "Domain" or "workgroup", after which comes the name, for example "Workgroup".
If your computer belongs to a domain. Open the "user Accounts" by navigating to "start" -> "control Panel". In the opened window select "user Accounts" and then "user Accounts". Select "Manage user accounts". If your computer has an administrator password, the system will be prompted to enter or confirm. Enter the password. After confirming the password, in the opened window, go to the Advanced tab, click Advanced, and select "Guest". In the dialog box "properties of the guest account, clear the check box beside "Disable account record". Click "OK". Accounting entry "Guest" is enabled.
If your computer is in a workgroup. Go to "start" -> "control Panel" -> "user Accounts and family safety" -> "user Accounts". In the opened window, select "Manage another account recordYu". Once click on the icon that says "Guest". In the next window you are asked to enable the account the account "Guest"? Click "Enable".
After you enable account "Guest"when the login screen appears with the choice account. Select the account record by clicking on it. If you are a basic computer user, don't forget to set an administrator password so that other users could see and edit your documents, and install and remove programs.
Guest accounts are not supported in Windows 7 starter.
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