You will need
  • To change the type of account you will need to log in with an administrator account or a member of the Administrators group.
Click "start" and open "control Panel". Find and open "user Accounts".
Control panel
A window will open containing the list of user accounts on this computer. Select the entrythat you would like to change.
The list of accounts
Next page "Make changes to your entry of the user." Here you have: create or change user password, change picture, change the name and type of account. In the following steps we will discuss these steps in detail.
The make changes to your <strong>recording</strong> user.
Create a password. In this dialogue you need to enter a new password, confirm it and enter the desired security question.In Windows the password can consist of letters, numbers, symbols and spaces. The case of the characters in the password is. To ensure the safety of your computer, it is always recommended to use strong passwords, i.e. password must consist of minimum eight characters, contains no words and does not coincide with the previously used.
The creation account password
Change password. In this dialogue you need to enter current password, new password, confirm it and enter the desired security question.
Change account password.
Choose a new picture. On this page you can change the picture that appears next to the user name when you logon on the welcome screen and start menu". Picture a user account facilitates identification of the user account on the computer. You can select the picture from the list or upload your own by clicking on "Search for other patterns...". Can be used for this purpose, an image of any size, but with one of the following file name extensions: JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF.
The choice of account picture.
To change the account type. This is only available to an administrator or member of Administrators group. For most users it is recommended to use standard user accounts.
Users with General access can use most programs and change some system settings do not affect the security of your computer.Administrators have full access to the system settings and can make any changes.
Windows requires at least one account record of the administrator on the computer. If your computer has only one account record, then do her usual impossible.
Change the account type.