You will need
  • - the modern cleanser for optical devices;
  • - cleaning wipes for optics;
  • - a can of de-ionized compressed air;
  • - screwdriver set.
First, clean the projector outside only when its full cooling. Then disconnect the lamp and the camera lens and the lamp and proceed to clean the shell from the inside. With the help of a spray of deionized compressed air, blow out all the holes of the casing COP. The dust will become loose.
Now take a thin clean art brush # 3 or # 4 and clean the space near the cracks. Then lightly dampen a soft cloth with special cleaner lens, which is sold in photo shops. And wipe the entire surface of the projector from dirt and fingerprints.
Take optics and also blow compressed air all the dust from the lens. Next, apply a drop of the above cleaning products on the inside and the outside. Then use a soft cleaning wipes for optics, carefully wipe them glass using circular motions. Try not to scratch the optics and don't touch it with bare hands. The second cloth remove all the excess moisture.
Then proceed with cleaning the lamp. It is also the first fan from a can of compressed air and ammonia all around her brush. Then wipe the mirror near the lamp with a special liquid for optics.
In the same place you will find a condenser lens which is screwed a clamping bracket. Unscrew it using the screwdriver. But first lay on the table surface with soft clean cloth. And gently wipe the optical device cleaning cloth for lenses, holding the edge and touching only cloth. For convenience, you can place it on the prepared place.
Now screw all the way it was, collect all the parts and body of the device to its original position and trigger the projector is connected. In the first minutes after cleaning can be felt faint smell of burning. If in the next half hour, a strange spirit will not pass, it means that the projector is still dust or moisture or something screwed on wrong.