Newspapers and online resources

So you've decided to rent an apartment, but not ready to pay 50-100% of the amount of monthly rent the "top" agents. Purchased Newspapers, seek out ads online, but time after time we see the mediators. You were desperate to find the apartment directly and begin to collect money for the agent.

In fact, to rent an apartment without intermediaries, only you have to put a lot of effort and some time into a kind of agent, carrying out his work. The fact that most agencies overlook landlords through private ads in Newspapers and online sources. The share of such clients is about 85%, rest, acquaintances, or property owners who apply to the agents themselves. The advantage of agents is that they are monitoring the sources of advertisements for an entire day and catch fresh posts within a minute after their appearance. In order to "intercept" such ads, while the agent has not made a bargain with the owner, changing its phone number on its own, enough in real time to follow the updates on the main sites in the network. In other words, work along with agents and try to overtake them. And remember that the landlord still like to take shelter with a mediator or directly.

Posting ads manually

This is one of the most working and effective ways to rent an apartment without intermediaries, and even in your desired area. Print ads with the text "rent a flat in your house", complete with details about you and requirements to rented housing. Put these up on the doors of the entrances of those houses that interest you. When the apartment is being prepared for submission, the owners often come to clean the rooms and check if everything is in order, so the likelihood that you'd call high enough.

Friends and acquaintances

Ask around friends and acquaintances, not if they rent housing, don't know anyone who rents. One of the most effective sources for you colleagues. Do not be lazy and walk up to anyone with a question about the lease. If you work in a large company, you probably will find at least one employee who has the "extra" apartment designed for a change.

Social network

Social networking – the most powerful distributor of information. Let all possible ways to your "friends" and subscribers that are looking for housing. Look for community letting/renting property in your area. Many owners leave first thing your ads in social networks.

Of course, you will need a lot of time looking on their own, but remember the old Russian proverb: "he Who seeks will always find.