Log in to the ICQ program (enter your login and password). Wait while the system loads your personal data and will show a list of your contacts.
Open the main panel ICQ – Tu, where it says all your friends. On the top toolbar, locate the "Menu" button and click on it. In the list of functions, scroll to "Profile" and click on it with the left mouse button.
Profile page shows your personal information that is visible to your friends that you added to the contact list. Also recorded here are the details of your account are visible to all users world ICQ when searching for friends. This is useful in cases when a user searches for friends with the same interests. If you ustaivayte information that is made public?
To change the configuration of your profile, click on the "Edit profile". It is located on the top of the profile. Now not only can you change all the personal data recorded in the ICQ, but also to change the photo. This will make the same button that is right next to your avatar.
By clicking on the button "Change image", select the database from which you take the picture. Settings allow ICQ to use as personal photos and any graphic images that reflect your inner world.
Click on the "Browse" button, and you will see the system of your computer. In the search bar enter the address of the folder containing the desired photo. Select the image you want and click "Apply". After a few moments the picture of your account change.
Click on the "snapshot" and turn on your webcam. Take a picture of yourself and the picture will load instantly in the database ICQ will become the main picture of your profile.
Select a funny face from the ICQ database. Click on the "Choose avatar" in the window with the change of pictures and the program will open for you a selection of standard images. Click on any the left mouse button and click "OK". Now this picture will represent your account.