You will need
  • - Movie Maker;
  • video.
Will otsmotret video going to do the cutting, opening it in any video player, and determine which parts of the video you'll need. Make the installation plan, indicating in which order and which episodes will be in the final video. Record the start and end of each segment to cut in the format 0:00. This will help you find the desired episode and speed up the work.
Open the movie file in Movie Maker. To do this, open the folder with your video file in Windows Explorer and drag the file with the mouse in the storyboard. Importing the file so that you will not need to deal with a lot of short clips that Movie Maker by default splits the videos imported with the option "Import video" in the window "Operations.
Drag the video to the timeline at the bottom of the window of the video editor, using the mouse. Locate the beginning of the first fragment of the future cuts. Move the pointer over a scale, with timestamps. Near the sign will appear timecode of the current frame. Move the mouse cursor to the point that you have marked in the plan as the beginning of the first fragment and click the left mouse button. Cut the video using command "Split" from the menu "video".
Select the piece of video prior to the incision site by clicking the left mouse button. Delete the fragment using the Delete key.
Find the end of the first fragment for cutting and install in it's place the pointer. Cut videos using the same command "Cut".
Find the start of the next movie. Cut the video in front of him and remove the video clip, which is located between the two episodes selected for slicing. To delete a snippet, select it and press Delete. In the same way, remove all unwanted parts from the timeline.
If necessary, change the order of the fragments. It's best to do in storyboard mode. Switch to with the button located above the timeline. Now, each slice appears as a rectangle with the first frame of the video. Adjust the order of video clips with the mouse.
If necessary, add transitions between the individual fragments. To do this, select the menu "Service" team "video transitions that have been". The icon of the selected transition and drag the arrow between segments with the same mouse.
Save the videocuts. To do this in the "Operations" select the option "Save to computer". After clicking on this label will open the wizard to save your video file. Enter a file name and specify a location on your computer where you want to save the videocuts. Wait for the save file.