Try to refer to the free search services that hit many pages the global Internet. In addition to the paid sites on which you propose to send so-called "normal" SMS messages for payment services, which, as a rule, are fabulous money, there are also free services that provide similar services. And that's a big question where you can get better and more accurate information. In any case do not agree to the calls of fraud to pay for information from their mobile phone account or via the system of electronic money, even though the "penny" and "almost free" cost of SMS messages. You probably cheated and will remove much more. Read the information about the so-called messages to short numbers here But we must not forget that besides the usual "wiring" on the Internet really there are free search services. In various circles of the Internet community with a good hand proved the following search engines: and Try to contact them.
Try to find on the Internet databases of mobile operators and punch the caller through them. Despite the fact that most likely the information in such databases "a century ago", you may be lucky to find what you need, if the subscriber has registered your number for quite some time.
Find out the information you want the Manager receiving payments for services of cellular communication in one of points of reception of payments. When you replenish your mobile phone account, the Manager of the salon sees your personal data, which have been specified in the contract on rendering of services of cellular communication. Think of in advance is a good legend, and soften the Manager, you can find out all the required information about a particular phone number. In case of failure, turn around and go to another salon.