You will need
  • soda;
  • -tool for manual cleaning of carpets;
  • -odor neutralizer;
  • products for odor removal from Pets.
First remove from the surface, pieces of dirt. After this, go on the stain with a cloth or sponge dipped in cold water. Sprinkle a trail with baking soda. Let it dry completely. Then dried soda collect from the surface with a vacuum cleaner. Soda has alkaline base. It is well neutralizes odors and absorbs moisture. If after cleaning the place spots has a white trail from soda, rinse the carpet again.
Soda has not helped to eliminate the unpleasant vomit smell? Use special tools for manual cleaning of carpets, soft furnishings and upholstery. As a rule, well they remove stains. Most modern means neutralize odors at the molecular level. Apply to the stain in strict accordance with the instructions. Remove in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Please note on the alkali content in the tool. To remove the smell of vomit, alkaline substances are preferable.
In the salons that sell chemicals, you can buy special odor neutralizers. Choose a product containing natural ingredients: oils and herbal extracts. However, do not forget that you are dealing with household chemicals. So be sure to make sure that no one in the house has no allergic reaction to the product. A better guide treatment in the absence of children, animals and people who are prone to allergies. Also note the ability of funds to absorb, not masking the smell.
Pet stores offer special tools for removing unpleasant odors from Pets. They, too, can help combat the smell of vomit. Don't worry if when applying such remedies will be a new, stronger and more pungent smell. Once the tool is fully neutralizes the source of the smell, an unpleasant smell will disappear. By the way, sometimes it's quite a long process. If the stain is small enough to spray the medium from the dispenser. If contamination is deep, it makes sense to just pour the product on the spot.