Requires consistent and proper dog care:Regular washing and treatment of the pet with the help of special tools – soochippara, sprays or powders. Try to choose a shampoo that is appropriate for your breed of dog and type of coat. It is not recommended to wash the dog frequently, using hot water and ordinary soap. This can lead to increased odor from the dog and to the onset of dandruff. Some owners RUB the coat of your dog with a mixture of vinegar (6%) and vodka in the ratio 1:3. Definitely visivite dog (especially during molting), clean the ear and, if possible, teeth (rotten fish odor from the mouth suggests the presence of Tartar). Comb the dog better on the street.
After the walk be sure to wash your dog's paws and belly (warm water without detergent). Sometimes the smell can come from clutches of a dog as sweating is through the pads. To get rid of this nasty smellafter the washing of the feet, lubricate pads in any baby cream (moisturizing or nourishing).
Balance your pet's diet, it is very often the cause of odor from a dog is improper feeding. If you are a supporter of the natural feed, incorporate in dog food is lean meat + cereals (rice, buckwheat, oats) + raw vegetables (carrots, cabbage, zucchini). Many owners feed their Pets prepared food (dry and wet), which include substances that eliminate the smell from a dog.
Sometimes the cause of unpleasant smell from the dog behind the dysfunction of the thyroid gland. Consult your veterinarian on the subject of the examination of the dog.
Bowls, cups, toys and litter used by the dog also must be treated regularly. A bowl for food and a Cup of water is best to wash soap, and bedding to wash and dry well.
Regularly cleaning the house: dry and wet. Wool left by the dog on the carpet, furniture and clothes home may be the cause of the smell. When dry cleaning use a brush (silicone, rubber) or a powerful vacuum cleaner and attachments thereto. It is sufficient to vacuum the carpet (at least once a week) and the dog hair will be much less. Wet cleaning is carried out using a liquid (powdered) detergent and helps to efficiently combat the dirt from the dog and its smell.