The course of treatment that will be required to go to resolve any of these problems consists of 10-12 sessions, then cycle off for a week and a half and again repeat the course. You can do so on the basis of burdock oil the mask with the addition of those plant components that is necessary for your hair.
For the weak and slow growing hair use burdock oil with the addition of nettle extract. Nutrients and vitamins contained in it will help to improve the structure of the hair and strengthen them. For dull hair with split ends use burdock oil with vitamins A and E. This complex restores the hair structure, helps regain their former luster and softness, strengthen hair follicles and make up for the deficiency of vitamins. Dry, brittle and damaged hair should be treated burdock oil with propolis. The composition of the herb will help to stop hair loss.
For masks in addition to the basics - tablespoons of burdock oil can be added to the mixture in the same amount of honey, yogurt, egg yolk and a few drops of aromatic oil. Will enhance the effect of the addition of a tablespoon of castor oil. Keep this mask on the head can be about one hour. Some sources recommend doing it at night is not very convenient, and the efficiency of this method has not been confirmed.
Apply the mask on clean, almost dry hair. If you RUB the oil into the scalp before the application of slightly warm it in a water bath. Divide the hair into partings and massage oil series, to be fully nourish the scalp and massage the entire surface. Thus massage the head for 10 minutes – 15, then comb your head with a wide-toothed comb so that the oil is evenly distributed through the hair. Put a plastic shower cap and tuck the ends of your hair under it, wrap your head with a towel.
Rinse with warm water with herbal shampoo for your hair type. Pre-use egg yolk to make it easier to wash off the oil. After shampoo, use the balm –conditioner.