You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • the phone number of the person you want to send the message;
  • - the amount of money on phone bills.
For starters, think of the text. This may be the day of birth, any date, just the message "door not closed", maybe you want to report any news.
Try to write the text as short as possible. The size of one SMS is only 50 characters with spaces. Of course, you can write longer text, it should be remembered that the value of such a text would be more expensive. The message length 51 sign with spaces will cost as much as 2 messages. In this case, try to make maximum use of the remaining signs. In addition, the length of the message will depend on whom you are writing. Agree, with an unfamiliar person to start it would be nice to say Hello.
Never type while driving, walking down the street in the ice, and when crossing the road, tramway or railway tracks. Don't try to text SMSwhile the hazardous facility, construction and other occasions when the lack of your attention can lead to serious consequences. Typing SMS when you do not need special attention.
SMS is very convenient to write using T9. This mode tries to guess a word consisting of a combination of letters that you type. In the absence of words in the database of your phone, you can make word parts or syllables in T9 mode.
To gain part of the message with numbers, better with "123". It will be much faster than to search in T9 or normal mode the desired number. In addition, the numbers "0" and "1" in normal mode, you can only find at the end of a long list of characters.
Dial mixed the text with the participation of not only Russian characters are better in the "ABC", if the model of phone allows.
For all text modes there are three options capital letters. Each mode is configured either at the beginning of the sentence with a capital letter, or writing text in all uppercase letters. For example, the mode "Т9АБВ" will be to type only uppercase mode "Т9Абв automatically after the point to put the first letter of the title and mode "Т9абв" will be typing lower case letters to the first point, then it automatically switches to "Т9абв" and the first letter after the point will make a capital.
After the text is drafted, it should be sent. To do this, the recipient field wesbite mobile phone. If you have a phone in this room there is, you just have to add it to the list of recipients.