You will need
  • - to conclude a contract with a foreign partner;
  • - open a foreign currency account (transit and currency).
Keep in mind that the Ministry of Finance allows invoices in foreign currency , provided that the organization cooperates with foreign partners.
First contract with a foreign company. Then open a foreign currency account (transit and currency in euros). Take your Bank account details in English with indication of the correspondent Bank and SWIFT. Remember that if the bill (invoice) invoiced in euros, the contract must specify a settlement currency, the Euro, etc.
Note that in the contract between the supplier and the buyer were clearly reflected exchange rate of the foreign currency into rubles. Do not forget to specify the date on which the money will be recalculated. In the documents, in any case, you cannot specify the amount of conventional units, so write the amount in euros and the equivalent in rubles.
Complete the invoice in two copies and within five days (excluding day of shipment of goods, provision of services, etc.) will be billed to the buyer. Given that your client is foreign company, prepare two additional instances of invoices in a foreign language. In the specify account transit currency account. If the transaction amount is more than € 5,000, open a transaction passport and wait for money.
When money is credited to your transit account decide what currency you need. If you want to your account has been credited rubles, instruct the Bank to sell the currency and transfer money to the ruble account. If you need currency, transfer money in transit foreign currency account. Alternatively, part of the money to leave in the currency, and the other part to translate into rubles.
Remember that registration of this document is held in chronological order from the beginning of the year. The statement may be made not only by computer but also manually.