You will need
  • Computer, Internet, start-up capital.
Sign a contract with a brokerage or investment company with the opportunity to participate in trading on the stock exchange. Will have to choose the company and tariff plan you have will work then. Outdoor company through a brokerage account will provide the opportunity to sell and buy currencies, bonds, stocks.
Work out in the beginning of its activities in the educational transactions, since you will be dealing with large finances. This will help you to secure your trades in the future.
Take a lesson from a good instructor. Many companies and brokerage houses give the opportunity to attend courses for learning trades. There is also a program for training to work with the financial markets. Do not miss this opportunity to enlist the support of a mentor.
Try your skills in real trading. Once you have gained enough experience on a demo account, you can upgrade to a more professional level. Very little at the moment, the really successful traders from the total number of players, so it's hard to say what you need to choose the strategy.
Work more on the "short positions", when the process of buying and selling takes place within 1-2 days. This is necessary in order to protect its activities in the conditions of unstable market and lack of experience. Many speculate on the "long positions".
Take a trade on the stock exchangeas a real highly profitable specialty. An experienced trader will never treat its activities as just a game or entertainment. Cultivate patience, integrity, willingness to take actions and make mistakes.
Constantly evolving and progressing in your chosen cause. Remember that only 2-3 people out of 100 will become really successful players on the stock exchange and then will be able to manage the capital of others. Aspire to such heights.