When you find the right company, open an account with a broker. From this point you can start trading provided by the broker site. The mechanism of conducting transactions on the exchange is simple – investors put money in stocks, quotes, grow, and investors get the profit.
Traders in turn use leverage to trade a larger amount than the amount that he has in reality. The amount of leverage you need to find out individually from your broker.
Try to start working on the stock exchange as a loan, taking a stake sold by the trader. The value of the shares you subsequently give to the broker, and profit take. You can also buy shares worth $ 100, and then take the broker another $ 100. If the stock price rises, you will get double profit.
Investing large amounts, you risk losing money, so never buy shares of the same company. This is necessary in order to spread risk and reduce its likelihood.
Buy stocks of different companies – in this case, the profit may exceed the losses. Also, always check the securities in the liquidity that the transaction was productive. Purchase securities with high liquidity.
Study time stock exchanges and other nuances of the trading and transactions, as well as take a course of free training for work at the stock exchange, which usually offers every beginner trader, and constant practice.
Without practice and training, you run the risk of losing on exchange a lot of money, but you can earn large sums of money – in that case you will gain specialized knowledge that will help you successfully trade on a real account. Early in his trading activities practice on demo account which is provided by many companies, for example Forex.
If you decide to automate trading, setting a vending machine on a computer, it is recommended to write these machines independently. Installing alien vending machine, you risk losing a lot of money. Your machine should consider your tactics of earnings you want to produce in the learning process.