You will need
  • - Russified version of Adobe Photoshop
Run the program and open the pictureyou want to do flashing: click the "File" menu, then "Open", select the image and click "Open".
First, lets turn the background layer on the Layers palette (if not, hit F7) double-click on the background layer and in the appeared window click "OK".
Click the menu item "Window > Animation". The bottom of the program will appear a new panel. The first frame on it is the image that you have open. At the bottom of the frame indicates the time that it will be on the screen, click on it and select 0.1 seconds.
Click the button "Create selected frames" located at the bottom of the animation pane. In the layers panel, locate the "Opacity" (located in the top right of the window) and set it to 0%. Hold down the Ctrl key and select both frame. Click the "tweening" in the form of a chain of four round links, which is adjacent to "the Creation of dedicated cadres." In the appeared window in the field install, for example, 12 frames. This value will influence the speed of flickering of the picture.
As you can see in the animation pane, there was still 12 frames, which were placed between the two original. Click on the button Play to make sure that the picture fades.
Now create an animation of the appearance, i.e. the second phase of the flashing pictures. Create another keyframe and set it the Opacity is 100%. Select 14 and 15 frames, click generate selected frames" and immediately click "OK". Click Play and make sure that the animation is flashing ready.
To save the result, press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S in the "views settings" and select "Always" and click "Save". In the next window, specify the path for animated pictures and click "Save".