To start to download the book on the phone, you need to know the name of your phoneand the model as a java application will be to go only on a specific extension of the screen. In this regard, be extremely careful in order to avoid unpleasant situations.
Next you need the Internet to find mobile sites that have free library. Would she support a search engine. Otherwise find a particular book will be difficult.
In the library search engine, if it exists, if not, then manually find a bookthat you like best. In case you have to look for yourself, you will choose a book genre, subject, author, and then work. Download book on the computer, saving it in a separate folder.
Connect the phone to the computer. In the dialog, you will see many folders that contain your music, photos, pictures, and so on. Skinte folder with the book in any of them. Then disconnect your mobile from computer.
Find the java application in your phonee and run it. After that, save in the folder "games" or "applications". Then go there and open a book. Enjoy your reading.
You can also use alternative. If your phone does not support java, you can still download the book. For this you need to save it on your computer in the format *.txt, that is in Notepad. Then throw the book in any folder on your phoneie Turn on the phone and open the text file.