Advice 1: How to stop being selfish

To some extent selfishness is inherent in every person. But sometimes the love of his own person overshadows everything around it. Is it possible to build a family, raise children, share the secret with someone who is busy thinking about yourself? Try to stick to the Golden mean, thinking not only about themselves but also about those around.
How to stop being selfish
Selfish lives in their own little world, where everything must submit to his whims and desires. If he decides to make contact with the outside world, it is only in finding something for yourself. So the best cure for selfishness is to care about others. Remember, as a young mother is completely dissolved in the newborn child, giving him all his strength, forgetting about their personal needs. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your own interests for the sake of a loved one. Offer help if you see that it is needed. It's not always people asking for support, even when in dire need it. Good works contribute to the enrichment of the person, most importantly, be sincere and unselfish.
Usually selfish inconsiderate to the other person, considering the dialogue as an opportunity to speak. Therefore, learn to listen and hear the interlocutor. Pay attention to intonation, pauses, gestures — these seemingly little things will help to determine the emotional state of the speaker. Avoid assessments and criticism, because the most important thing in conversation is to maintain a friendly tone that will help the interviewee to relax and feel comfortable.
Small children have egocentrism. Baby any event or phenomenon connects with the self, considering, for example, that the sun sets because it's time to go to bed. Usually this stage of formation of personality manages to overcome even before school starts. But sometimes the traits of self-centeredness persist in adults. First and foremost, they expressed unwillingness to take the place of another person, to accept his position.

Follow the biblical principle — love your neighbor as yourself. Often ask family and friends the question: what can I do for you? Try to look at the situation not only their eyes but also from the point of view of another person, to think his thoughts, and the possible perception of what is happening. Then it will be much easier to find a compromise with any person, do not need to waste energy on useless arguments and fighting.

Advice 2 : How to deal with selfishness in itself

Selfishness within reasonable limits is not only bad, but even necessary. However, when one begins to think only about themselves, ignoring the needs and desires of others, and most importantly, not even trying to make concessions and find a compromise, then it's time for a thorough work.
How to deal with selfishness in itself

To combat selfishness: the initial stages

When a person is aware of the problem, he's already making some big steps towards its solution. It is important to understand how selfishness prevents you and others. It is desirable not only to determine the main points and record them, to avoid confusion and not to forget anything. Selfishness can lead to the deterioration of relationships, loss of loved ones, problems at school and at work. Think of what bad happened because of this, your disadvantage, and make the appropriate entries.
Don't forget to consider other people's opinion. This is one of your first exercise: think not only about themselves but also about how your selfishness is affecting the behavior and feelings of others.

Start to watch how you lead the conversation. If you're used to only talk about yourself, make it a habit to ask about his Affairs, when appropriate, and to hear his stories carefully, not interrupting and not making a bored face. This might be hard to follow along and celebrate the successes, but the surrounding will notice them. You can ask loved ones to help you. This is one of the best variants of behavior.

How to stop being selfish

When you do a little work on my problem and will notice the progress, go to the next stage. Try to take care of plants or Pets. If you find it hard to imagine that you have to spend time caring for a cat or dog, get a fish or at least start to grow cacti. Cultivate responsibility, think about what kind of living creature depends on you and you have to take care of him.
Do not overdo it. Sometimes people are so worried about what they consider to be selfish, what do you stop thinking about yourself and spend all the resources on the care of others. To do so, and to go to the other extreme is not worth it.

Try gradually begin to help others. You can visit the animal shelter and buy food for dogs and cats, to buy things for orphans, caring and attention. Choosing gifts for the holidays, do not think about their desires and preferences, and that would like to have as a surprise close to you. Planning a vacation together, think about how you would like to spend it someone who will go with you. In short, make it a habit to consider other people's plans, intentions, desires, preferences, and don't forget to make concessions and to compromise when necessary.
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