You will need
  • Dropper;
  • - scissors;
  • - the water reservoir;
  • cargo.
Take a dropper – their number should be the same as you have pots with flowers. Needles and tips, which come with droppers, you need to remove – they are not useful. Blow into the drip on both sides, it should be purged, and visually estimate the IV on the integrity.
Those ends, which must be a needle, tie in a bun without squeezing the tube. Tie a bunch of heavy stuff in quality goods. It can be stone, metal or any other that is able to perform the function of anchors. A heavy load is necessary in order that the ends of the droppers are not surfaced from the water and securely held on the container bottom.
Choose a suitable container. It could be a bottle of drinking water 5 liter. If you have a lot of plants or you are leaving for a long time, then you need a bigger tank, for example, a bucket.
Put containers with water on the rise. It can be a stool or any other suitable piece of furniture. Importantly, the capacity was higher in pots with flowers. Place the ends of the droppers, with attached cargo into the prepared dish and pour water. In the middle of the tube is a controller that allows you to adjust the volume of the water flowing through it. First open the controller and make it so that the water flowed from the tube. When it starts to leak, stop the flow using the regulator.
Plug the other ends of the droppers into the ground each pot, adjust the water flow. The main thing - to calculate how many for each flower requires water. Flowers can not tolerate not only the absence of moisture, but its over. The drip you see water drips, and can adjust the speed as you need.