You will need
  • Clean and dry room, polythene for packaging of tires.
It should immediately be said about some of the procedures that need to be completed before you put the rubber on storage. Before removing the need to ProMarket and mark where rubber was installed and in what direction were used. This can be done using crayons or paint. Also buy in any shop caps for spools of different color to distinguish front and rear wheels if the tires will be stored directly on disks.
After removing the wheels, wash them thoroughly. Remove the protector from mud and stones that remain there after the operation. Thoroughly dry the rubber. Treat it with a special chemical composition for preservation. Not to be confused with the means to restore the color rubber, because it has substances which are not suitable for conservation. These measures will help to protect rubber from premature destruction and aging. Depending on the storage location is to decide whether to pack the wheels in plastic. Of course, the rubber in polyethylene is more secure and looks more aesthetic, one not tightly pack the wheels, if the rubber is wearing on stamped metal disks. As a result of temperature difference on the discs may cause condensation, which may result in premature corrosion.
You should remember three main factor which is afraid of rubber - direct sunlight, high temperature and moisture. Therefore, tires should be stored in dry room, in which no large temperature changes. In any case, do not store tires outdoors, as it will lead to their deterioration. You can use the services of a special tyre stores. Many dealers and service centers offer their customers services seasonal storage of tires. However, to leave the bus stands only if you believe in the integrity of the service or dealer. Before taking the tires put on them some kind of theft, then make sure you back those tiresthat you've passed.
Tires can be stored on disks or in unchecked state. Both options are quite acceptable. Of course, keeping tires on the rims much better, as they are always ready to be replaced and in this condition they gets less moisture and dust. But not every motorist can afford to buy a second set of disks. If you keep the tires on the rims, then they either need to be hung by the holes in the disc to lay flat. In any case, do not store tyres in a standing position, so it creates pressure on the lower part that can be deformed. If you store tires without discs, all needs to be done Vice versa. Do not hang the tires, as edge contact with the object, on which hangs the tyre will begin to deform. The tire store only in a standing position.