You will need
    • Buns for Burger - 6-8 pieces;
    • beef - 500 g;
    • onions - 2 PCs;
    • tomatoes - 2 PCs;
    • lettuce;
    • pickles;
    • mustard;
    • mayonnaise or Thousand island dressing".
Burger buns are sold in the store. You'll need to cut it lengthwise, to make two semi-circular halves. Each half should be lightly stir-fried with flat sides. This can be done in a normal frying pan, adding a little oil. Do not fry the rolls for a long time, you need not wait for even Golden brown, the surface is only slightly set.
Very cake-Burger, prepare yourself. Make minced beef and onion, scroll them through a meat grinder, add salt and pepper to taste, beat in the minced egg, mix and form patties. They should be flat, not thicker than 1 cm, and the diameter slightly greater than the diameter of the rolls. In sale there are special forms-rings for the burgers, but maybe blind them and yourself.
Fry the meatballs on the pan, well, real American burgers for Burger fried on the grill. If you have the opportunity is great. If not, do not worry, your Burger will turn out not worse. Good heat the pan and put it on her hamburger. Fry it on one side, patiently waiting for the bottom part firmly "grabbed". Flip the cutlet should be the minimum amount of time, so, roasted it with one hand, flip to the other and wait for readiness.
Next, create your American Burger. On one of the halves of the buns, smeared with sharp mustard, place lettuce leaf, top with a ring of onion, slice of tomato and a slice of salted cucumber. You can just coat the lettuce with mayonnaise or sauce "Thousand Islands". Now turn the cutlets and second halves of buns. Burger is ready.