Prepare the site for lab it should be located in a clean environment with low humidity no more than 70% and temperature from 20 to 24 degrees. If the room temperature is unstable, use a heater.
Regularly preberite room, to avoid dust, and avoid drafts. For work you will only need a half square meters. For the cultivation of mycelium use plastic containers of small depth.
Also you will need regular lighting above the Desk. Prepare to work 15 vials with cotton plugs and tripod storage, conical flask 500 ml with stopper and beaker with a volume of 500 ml. in Addition, you will need a bacteriological needle, tweezers, scalpel, pipette, plastic Petri dish, stove, alcohol burner and disinfectants.
For the formation of a mycelium piece of fresh oyster mushrooms are placed in a nourishing base of potato-glucose agar. Ensure that the conditions in which the growing myceliumwas sterile – regularly preberite the room and disinfect the work surface. All equipment before working with the culture of the mushroom sterilize on the burner.
A nutritional basis, dissolve in boiling water in the flask and then pour it in to sterile Petri dishes, lifting the lid. For each Cup accounts for 10 ml of the nutrient solution, which should be pre-sterilized in test tubes, closed tubes and wrapped with foil.
Pipette 10 ml, pour the composition in the cups and then allow it to cool and put in it the pieces of tissue of the fungus. Before you slice the mushroom into pieces, wash and disinfect it, and then cut with a sterile scalpel. Pieces of cloth remove from the middle of the mushroom bacteriological needle.
Put in a nutrient medium three or four pieces in each Cup. Cup, close the lid and leave for a few days at room temperature. In the end, you should get the pure culture of mycelium in the form of white fluff. Cups, moldy red or green is better to throw.
The next step is getting the mycelium. To do this, take high-quality cereal grains and mix them with two parts water. Boil the grain for 15 minutes, Pat dry and mix with a 1.3% gypsum and 0.3% calcium carbonate.
Fill the bottle with grains two-thirds and sterilize. In each jar put three pieces of pitatelnaya medium with the mycelium. After three weeks the mycelium will grow.