For bought or received a gift of a flower does not withered and delight you with their blooms, you need to properly care for it. Before doing this find out the name of this plant. Make it pretty easy.
In that case, if you decide to buy flower by yourself, ask him about the name and characteristics of the seller. He may even be able to give you some useful tips on plant care. When you give flowers in pots, look at his bottom. Often the manufacturer has a special sticker, which gives a brief information on this plant.
If fortune did not smile, get a flower of their own. To do this, take special encyclopedia of house plants and fan them. If you have not found a similar flower, try to find the information you need on the Internet. Most likely, you will find not only photos of this plant, but also information about its origin, growth, etc.
In order to expand their knowledge, read the appropriate section on forum florists. Here you can ask questions, seek advice and ask for help. With this purpose, register on the site and wait a bit.
In that case, if you failed to recognize the name of the flower, take a picture of it, go to the nearest flower shop and ask the sales assistant. Even if he can't answer the question, he has the ability to check a plant in the catalog.
Whatever it was, especially exotic plants must attract the attention of professional growers of flowers and florists. So try to find a phone number or email address of the person and send him photos of your new green friend.
It is not necessary to spend time reading huge articles about certain plants. Just start with search pictures of flower, which is most similar to your house plant.