You will need
  • -coconut;
  • -vanilla sugar;
  • -hammer;
  • -grater for vegetables.
The choice of coconut in the store. Important action for producing high-quality chips is to purchase a quality fully ripe fruit at the store. Buy coconut possible throughout the year, but peak season is from October to December. Advertising chocolate "bounty" we saw a Mature coconut fell on a rock and crashing on the stone, he poured clear liquid is coconut milk. It was an example of perfectly ripened fruit. Unfortunately, in the life of this experiment, we will be unable to meet. And do not need. A quality product, you can choose from the following recommendations: buy the fruit must be only in the places of their legitimate sale, the seller must present you with a certificate of product quality, which will indicate the supplier, terms and conditions of storage.
Removing the top of the scalp of the fetus. It is necessary to arm with some sharp and heavy object. At home you can use a hammer and a knife. Coconut is a very tough nut to crack, but it has weaknesses. Before to extract the pulp, you need a knife to make a hole in one of the so-called dark holes at the base. Insert a straw and drink the contents. Then punch a hole in one of the three grooves of coconut. Hammering need in the distance, about one-third of the holes to the other end of the fruit. The crack will appear which will help to split the coconut to the end.
The transformation of pulp into chips. For this, you need to arm yourself with the most ordinary capacity, and a vegetable grater. You should RUB the pieces of flesh careful, smooth movements that the chips obtain a homogeneous structure. You can also use a food processor, by choosing a suitable nozzle. In the chips is necessary to add vanilla sugar for a pleasant taste and aroma. The finished product can be directly used for cooking. Or a little dry it, leaving a wide dish for a while.