To wean baby to fall asleep on the hands, is first to offer him some sort of alternative. Go is gradually and smoothly. First, let your child see you while lying on the bed. Can even sleep with the baby so he could feel your presence, but it was not you have on hand.
Over a period can "replace" themselves on a plush toy that the child still felt the presence of something warm and soft, and you could sleep at his place. If a child starts to act up, you do not need to take it in his hands. Sit down with him and tell him something, e.g. a story, a calm soft voice. Thus, you will calm the baby and lull without swing in the hands. And in the process of growing up the child to become more independent and will not require much of your attention.
To wean baby to fall asleep in his hands easily, surrounding it with other interesting things, such as toys. But still, while the child is small, is it too much to wean. Give him time, because he has the right to a happy childhood. The choice in the upbringing of the child is entirely yours. You can take it to bed with him, and then to organize his own bed, surrounded by toys. Or you can put his crib in his room and give him attention, even at night, that will not be comfortable for you but is comfortable for him. Because in the early period of life the child is entitled to attention at any time of the day, he and the child, and his parenting is not an easy task.
You need to know a balance between kindness and strictness. And depending on him to perform different actions, including to wean the baby from the hands. Whether to do it or to wait – it is up to you. And the main thing – to decide that is right for your family, so make no mistake when performing such seemingly petty, but at the same time, important steps. In any case, good luck with that.