In order to delete files registry, you must select "Clean the Registry". Mark all checkboxes and click OK.
After that we should wait the end of the test, which usually lasts for three to five minutes (for the current test will be displayed at the bottom of the program).
When checking is complete is press the button Select all (located on one line with the Stop button), and from the next window select again Select all. After that you should click the right mouse button on any entry that was found. From the list appearing, you must select Delete Selected Item. All. Ready.
If something went wrong (it is almost impossible, as the program is tested many times by users), something becomes unstable, you should choose in the program window Backups, double-click on the button, then on OK. All the files that were deleted will be restored.
After that, we should delete temporary files and Temporary Internet Files, Temp, Cookies, and various debris that was left after removing of different programs. Then check the system errors.
This may require a program called Ccleaner. With its help you can also delete the registry files.
How to use it:
- The first is to change the language from English to Russian. Click "cleanup" and celebrate all that they want to delete. However, you should ensure that the computer is not deleted something important.

- After cleaning, you should go to Registry and click "Search".

- Once the search is complete, you must click on the Fix button. Almost always, this program proposes to test a backup. On almost all ends.