To learn how to conduct the accounting on the books of the impossible – definitely takes practice. Therefore at all desire, to avoid the process of learning will not work. If you don't want to spend a few years, then enroll in courses. But they must be at least 80 academic hours. There you will get basic information about accounting, it technology and facilities, will be able to obtain some practical knowledge in working with accounting programs such as "1C:Accounting", "1C:Enterprise", "Bukhsoft".
The accountant must know the rules of document flow, since all its activities should be documented. Pay special attention to the study of the rules of "primary" accounts-invoices, invoices, cash orders, and so forth, and filling in the main reporting form accounting balance sheet (form f-1) and the statement of profit and loss statement (form f-2).
An integral part of the accounting Department of any company is the relationship with the tax Inspectorate. You should be able to compile information about all the transactions performed by the taxpayer, reducing or increasing the tax base. The information that you submit to the tax must be absolutely reliable to the company was the object of constant inspection and was not fined. There are special programs like "Bukhsoft" or "Declaration" that reduce the complexity of tax accounting, but here, no special knowledge is necessary.
If you want to learn how to accounting for your small enterprise, for reduction of the period of study choose specialized courses devoted to accounting for businesses with a specific system of taxation: USN, UTII, BASED.
To learn everything at once you can not, therefore, for the first time involve accounting external accountant. That cost much less than a staff accountant. Professionals suggest not to get self-management for 2-3 years. During this time, you will receive invaluable experience that will allow you to confidently swim in a sea of transactions, account balances and taxes.