If you have no experience, this method may even bring you pain. It is much stronger than using tweezers, which is more comfortable and designed specifically for hair removal. To reduce the unpleasant sensation of pain, lubricate the skin with ice. This will cool your skin.
To the hairs after the process of deleting the thread will not stick to the surface of the skin that may interfere with the procedure, better after wiping the skin with ice, use a cloth and then sprinkle with talc.
To soften the skin and the roots of the hair, lubricate the skin with emollient cream, and apply cotton pad soaked in warm water. Hold it a few minutes and begin the procedure to remove hair. Fix a thread around the thread to make a loop. Tighten it, and fixed so hair will break. The effect lasts almost for a month. Then the hair will grow back, but will not change its structure.