Advice 1: How to disassemble the tub

To dismantle the bath, you must first disconnect the outdoor siphon drain pipe and overflow tube. Usually the overflow tube with a bath connects the grille overflow. But it also happens that the connection is made the clamp nut on, tightening the pipe flange with the grille overflow. Connection of the bath and siphon can be done 3 different ways. Two ways similar to the pipe connection of the overflow, and the third with pinch bolt, which is screwed from the side of the drain grid.
How to disassemble the tub
To begin the dismantling of the bath with the disassembly of the floor trap under the tub. When removing the old tub may be not a very pleasant situation in which a strong liking old connection of the siphon, which is not possible remove the drain grate or remove the clamping nut, as in this case, "slights" edges on the nut or broken drain grate.
There is a proven method that is used almost all of a locksmith for removal of the siphon. To remove the old drain grates from a relatively soft non-ferrous metal - brass & bronze, they must be cut with a hacksaw. If a grate drain across the width of the canvas is already our type, it is necessary to knock with a chisel.
Then make the inner side of the drain grate lateral cuts. Cuts should be done at a distance from each other so that the drain from the hopper to cut a piece no more than a quarter of a circle. Making two vertical cut, tilt the blade and continue sawing to the circumference of the funnel. To perform the cuts should be very careful not to damage the enamel of the bath.
As soon as you complete the cuts, take a chisel or smooth ground chisel and place it close between the funnel and the bathroom. Aim the chisel at a tangent to the surface of the bath. With gentle blows of a hammer beat out the sector. Bend with a hammer and chisel the remaining part of the plum cut edges inside. As a result of such deformation freely drain out through the hole of a bath.
Next you need to disconnect the overflow pipe and pull out from the bell of the sewer discharge pipe. Before removing the bath you must have a prepared tube of 70-80 mm or gag from unnecessary rags to close the bell of the sewer. On the bottom of the bath to fix the earthing strip, which also must be disconnected, breaking bottom of the bath (of eyes where fixed ground) is a metal wedge with a hammer.
If the edge of the bath, the walls lined with tiles, remove it with a wide chisel or a chisel. In the gap between the wall and the bathroom may be a strip of a solution, it should be down towards the ceiling with a chisel, striking from under the bath. Baths in Soviet times, was mounted on cast iron feet, but there are also tubs on concrete supports. For removing an old bathtub with cast iron feet will reclinate and clear or clear tub with feet.
The dismantling of the bath can damage the tile in the bathroom. Therefore, if you do not plan to change it, it is necessary to worry in advance.

Advice 2: How to dismantle split

Dismantling split systems is a rather difficult task, requiring skill and special equipment. Only professional masters can ensure that your air conditioner will lose its efficiency. Besides, improper dismantling of freon, located in the split-system, can evaporate. So trust works for the removal of blokowanie recommended by professionals.
How to dismantle split
You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - "cutter";
  • - pressure gauge;
  • - hex keys.
Turn on the split system in the cooling mode. Connect to low pressure port of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner gauge station.
Close the high pressure port by turning the valve located on the outside unit of a split system. Since the injection of freon in a closed high-pressure port is impossible, the compressor will only work on "SOS". The compressor will pump the entire refrigerant circuit of the outdoor unit of a split system.
Closely monitor the pressure in the circuit. As soon as the needle drops to zero, you need to quickly shut off the low pressure port located on the outside unit of a split system. Immediately unplug compressor.
Unplug the AC from the mains. Disconnect the electrical wires.
Unscrew the pipe from the external and internal units. Disassemble the drain.
Cut the pipe in the indoor and outdoor units of a split system with the help of pliers. This method will help securely seal the duct and prevent the ingress of dirt, dust and debris. If pipe cutter you used any other tool - for example, a pipe cutter - for sealing pipes it is necessary to fabricate and install special plug.
Unscrew the mounting screws and disassemble the external unit of a split system. When removing the outdoor unit, it is necessary to observe extreme caution. Unit weight may reach 60 kg. besides, its center of gravity is slightly displaced. Therefore, performing this work together is recommended.
Carefully detach the clips, fixing the indoor unit on the mounting panel and remove it. Remove the mounting plate.
If you plan to store the air conditioner in a disassembled state for a long time, in internal block split-systems should be pumped nitrogen.
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