Make the decisionwhen the reason is powerless is extremely difficult. For this you need to try to find the line between the tips of the subconscious and subjective sensations not based on the important things. Focus, try to look at ourselves. In order to do this, use a tool are tested by many generations of people, meditation.
If you look at events through the eyes of an outsider does not work, use the help of another person. Better if you contact a friend with whom you have a not too close relationship, as good friends usually are worried about a friend not less than for himself.
Before making the decision, if the mind was powerless, write all you care about on a sheet of paper. This will help you to concentrate, to understand the situation, allow to cool slightly. Remember, emotion is the worst enemy of serious thought.
If you need to solve the important question of not having enough information, for example, to choose between the two young people listen to the voice of intuition. Where logic will not help, will help feelings. You know, nature has taken care to ensure that people could analyze what is happening. Sometimes to remember things, seemingly of no consequence, then this information is useful in life. Returning to the example with the choice of boyfriend, you can say that in your girl's remain the smallest gestures of guys of phrases of things to tell me.
And finally – try not to doubt. Even if you accepted the decision turns out wrong, it's still a better result than the absence of any result. Hesitate, you lose time and risk not to lose him, but life does not forgive. Do not swim with the current. Be strong-willed man. Don't be afraid to admit their mistakes, analyze what is happening, and perhaps make decisions for you becomes much easier.