Decide the place you install a new device on the panel. Best suitable place of installation of the regular hours. So, find a voltmeter, for example, from ordinary UAZ VAZ or from the more recent models. Prepare a wire with a length of about half a meter and the terminal is "female".
Disconnect the battery to avoid short circuits and damage to electrical equipment. To start, carefully remove the watch from the instrument panel. To do this, disconnect the wiring and remove the cartridge lamp. Do not forget to remove the o-ring, which in the future will be useful to install a voltmeter.
Connect the voltmeter to the positive terminal of the lamp, which is located in the glove box. Power to the lamp is supplied only when ignition is on, so a voltmeter will not idle. Plus from hours do not use in any case, because the flow there is a constant current. In this situation, the device is capable to discharge the battery even after prolonged Parking with the engine shut off.
Route the cable through the pre-made hole from the clock to the wall of the glove box. Clear bulb with supply cord and attach the desired length of the wire, on the opposite end which attach the terminal "Mama." Then, remove the mount with the voltmeterand try to install it in the hole. If it is loose, then wrap it several times with electrical tape at the base and slip the o-ring.
Connect the black wire from the clock to the negative terminal of the voltmeter, and to the "plus" - wire with terminal, type "mother". The remaining red wire from the clock insulate with electrical tape. Insert the voltmeter into the hole and secure it. Turn the ignition on and look at the device – it needs to show vehicle voltage. When you decrease the voltage the next time the engine is turning, remember that this indicates a low battery charge.